18 November 2009

promoting myself. ha.

i'm terrible at promoting myself.
i love my business card. well, i love the font and the logo on my business card.
the truth is, though, that my business card is the kind of card you toss in the garbage about 24 hours after you get it because you can't remember who gave it to you or what their work looked like...NO PICTURES.

(that's gray, NOT PINK)
this morning i was doing some etsy tasks....cutting my made-it-myself-on-my-own-printer business cards on a big paper cutter, when i had a realization. i should never cut my own business cards again. i MUST get a real business card with a picture on it, to up the chance that someone might keep my card longer than 24 hours.
so i got some suggestions for online companies and lo and behold...for $17 i can get 100 shiny, two-sided, picture-laden business cards. i can use my logo, but i have to let that beautiful font up there go....(sigh).
so....when they get delivered to my door (no more cutting-yay!) i will report back.


Liz Woodbury said...

i love that business card, but i can't wait to see the new one!!

Barb Fernald said...

I would say you ARE good at promoting yourself! You have an Etsy shop and you figured out how to post it on your blog too. I think that's huge for self promotion. Who are you getting business cards from? It sounds like a good deal. Have you heard anything from S.B.?

Rob Hazzard said...

Hi Hol, so sorry about your uncle, very sad.
When it's time to reorder cards, take a look at Moo.com, I've used them a few times and have like their products so far

holly kellogg said...

barb...no word from s.b. guess i'm number 6 again! i used zazzle.com for the cards (i ordered 2 designs because the first one had 6 pics and i realized they might be so tiny. the second one has 1 photo of the s.b. piece). i'll scan them when they get here.
rob...thanks. i didn't do ANY research-one friend said zazzle, and there i went! i'll definitely look into moo.