30 November 2009

new business cards

well, here they are!
i'm pretty pleased with them, in general.
for future reference, 1 is the right number of photos on a teeny-tiny business card. and double-check to make sure all text lines up properly (the h's in holly and handcrafted should be lined up-like the one on the bottom).


Barb Fernald said...

Holly, these came out great. You must be really pleased. I'm envious. I had my cards done before I had a blog. Waah. No website on them. You have blog and Etsy. Big points for self promotion!

holly kellogg said...

they're so cheap, you really can just get a couple hundred done....i kind of like the idea of running out and then making up a new one each time...
how many of the others do you still have? too many, probably!

Barb Fernald said...

....um...probably 300 or more! Hahahaha! (Maybe 500?) I can't remember how many I ordered at the time. But I have A LOT!
I like your idea of changing them from time to time. But these look so good, why would you want to?!

Matt Craighead said...
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