21 October 2009


i do my best waiting while i'm actively engaged in other things. the more other things, the better.
today i was waiting to go to a long visit with the mri technician. the appointment got changed from early morning, to later in the day. this is how i waited...

another stab at keum-boo-
8:30am...remove patina and layer on 3 coats of aura 22

9:58am...make dinner for tomorrow night (it's weird, i know)...

10:15...burnish the heck out of those earring elements and then brass-brush 'em...

lookin' pretty good, except where my wooden holding-stick left little pieces of black char on some of the earrings.

late morning...

liver of sulphur reveals that the keum-boo actually work on a few of these pieces...not so much on the others, and i'm not sure why. it's possible that the peices weren't hot enough...i kept fiddling with the tempertute control on my electric stovetop element. fear not, i will be removing much of the color from these to reveal their lovely silvery-ness.

in the in-between times, i made a few new molds...

ate a couple meals, knitted on my wooly socks, and worked on some IDEAS for earrings and a necklace (more on the IDEA process tomorrow).

now i'm waiting to hear from the doctor.


Barb Fernald said...

Wow, how did yesterday's MRI go? These earring components are looking really fine. I like all of the colors from the patina mixed with the gold.
I'm taking my mother in for an MRI tomorrow. Hope she can handle it.
I have my fingers crossed that you won't need surgery.

holly kellogg said...

what's she having an mri on/ needing surgery for?
mine was LOOONNNGGGGG...with and without contrast (dye) results tomorrow, i think...

Barb Fernald said...

Hi holly,
I hope you have some good results.
My mom has a shoulder that dislocates all the time, but no pain. The MRI today was inconclusive. With her CP, there were too many muscle spasms to hold still.
We'll see what's next.