01 October 2009


just when i get done congratulating myself on having developed a cool pattern that i can memorize that adds a little unusual surface to an otherwise plain sweater...reality bites me on the butt. i hate to sew seams of knitted things, so all of my sweaters are made on long double pointed flexible needles now. well...i also hate to block (steam flat) knitted items. this dang honeycomb pattern requires me to steam EACH CIRCLE SEPARATELY to make sure they end up the correct shape. ugh. the next sweater is going to be stockinette stitch, top to bottom.

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Barb Fernald said...

Stockinette stitch makes me think of knitting my first scarf at age 8! I have a friend who knits a honeycomb pattern quite often. Do you want me to ask her if she has the same problem?