04 September 2009

almost there......ah, silver!

do we like THIS orientation.....
or THIS one?
anyone out there want to vote?
i'm partial to this "glamour shot" of the elements.

here it is, as of this evening.
the patina isn't quite right, there are some scratches that need to be sanded out and it's only temporarily strung so i can wear it to the wedding tomorrow night. after that, i'll unstring and finish the elements and hang them on multiple strands of the wire with the pearls as they are here, PLUS floating pearls on the 2 or 3 strands all the way up to the back......


Anonymous said...

Hello Holly! I've been checking out your blog and your pieces are just beautiful.

I think it looks great either way but maybe would lean to the top orientation (first photo).

Enjoy the wedding!

Barb Fernald said...

Hi Holly,
This is so beautiful!!! I like the top orientation the best. It seems like the long "kava" section is flowing down from the stones at the top. It also makes me think of a crown with the stones at the top. Looks very regal! There is also something organic about the design, as if the stones are above ground and the long pieces are a windo into the root system. It calls attention on so many levels!
Have a blast at the wedding. You will have the finest piece of jewelry there! xox