05 August 2009

logo, in metal

well, finally, here it is!
my logo, in metal.
a few posts back i talked about receiving my stamp from babette cox (www.babettecox.com), but i had only tried it in polymer for a test.

so, here are a few pictures of how it looks on the back of earrings.

i tried pressing it into pmc paper. it didn't work. i tried re-wetting dry clay to impress the stamp. not so much.

so, i roll out wet clay to 2 cards, stamp it a bunch of times, use a blade to trim down to tiny squares and dry. couldn't be easier. if there's a piece i don't want to put the logo right on (2 sided pendant, for example), i can cut out a larger border, make a hole and when it's fired it would be a nice tag to hang at the back near the clasp.
i must say i'm pretty tickled about how professional it looks!

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