29 September 2008

summer work: broken

the side with the sapphire cab is the front and the side with the sunstone is the back. it's pretty sizable, too. and, from the title you might have guessed that it's broken.
not broken so that YOU would know, but i do. i worked on it all summer, and as i was giving it it's final go-over with an abrasive...POP. and that sick feeling in my stomach. so i put it away for a month and am now just taking a good look at it again...i need to figure out how to hang this one, too.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous!! What broke?

Barb Fernald said...

Its great. I love the idea of reversible jewelry. I can't see what's broken either.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. Now, how do we get to have our blog sites come up when someone Googles our name?
Still so much to learn!
How's the work continuing with the Bronzeclay?