11 November 2011

and again, bangle...hopefully not too many more!

the truth of the matter is, i can't figure out why i'm killing myself to finish at least ONE of these bangles. i don't even wear bracelets. i think it's because i took the class to learn how to make the bracelet - if i haven't made the bracelet, i have not successfully completed the class.
so, after i polished it, i cut this baby so i could slide the doo-dads on it. well, the doo-dads i made in class were for a bangle with a wider diameter, so they are awkward and disproportionate on this bangle. when i was about to hang it all up in exasperation i came upon this...
now this might work. that's 28 gauge argentium wire with 1mm pearls on it. it's hard to photograph because gravity pulls almost all the little pearls to the bottom of the bracelet, so you can't see them. they move nicely when they're on the wrist, though... i'm going to put 4 more spirals on, alternating pearl with 1.5mm leopard jasper. THEN i'm going to stop making polymer bangles. i do actually have another idea about polymer bracelets, just not bangles...stay tuned!

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Marly Penner said...

Just read all your November blogs...exciting times!
Storms, birthdays, and as always, some beautiful jewelry creations thrown into the mix! Great to get a glimpse of what's happening in your life these days! Hope you got some snow days out of that storm! Angie says hi! Miss you!