28 January 2011

ring-a-week(ish) 2/52(?)

sterling silver 14 gauge wire. hammered.
a simplification of ring #1. that pearl and weaving business on #1 was not neat-and-tidy enough for my liking...i believe i need to research/practice wire weaving further before i can use it successfully.
and i'm working on finishing this one for #3.

that's eggplant colored polymer clay as a based and pearl colored polymer clay elements (confetti or linear...anyone want to offer an opinion?) to be covered in resin.


Barb Fernald said...

I like them both, but I like the linear one better. Can't wait to see it finished. Great solution for this ring. Any new ideas for the petersite?

holly k said...

hey, that's the one i'm leaning towards, too!