29 January 2010


living so far from new mexico means that it takes a solid 5 days for supplies to reach me. that's a long wait, when you're out of PMC and full of ideas. i suppose the trick is to not let yourself run out! it's amazing that you can hold $280 of raw materials in your cupped hands, and still have room for a cookie. i'm curious to know if people buy the 45 gram or 28 gram packages. i always buy the 28, and i don't really know why. is there any particular benefit to the 45? i rarely use a whole pack of 28 in one sitting, but i'm a really good wrapper, and it's never dry when i open it up, sometimes weeks later. it's priced by the daily market value of silver, by the gram, so it's not less expensive...hmmm....i wonder.

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